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Thursday, January 15, 2004  

Definitely No/Yeah Department:

"In my family, when we were little, television was somewhat of a bonding experience. When we were young my father was very busy, he came home late every night and he didn't see us much. But when he came home, we'd watch The Three Stooges together, Abbott and Costello. We thought that was just terrific stuff. We'd just sit there and watch it together."--Howard Dean, interview with People magazine, Jan. 8

"In general, I'm not a fan of TV. I grew up without a TV."--Howard Dean, same interview

From Best of the Web Today.

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That Ain't Fair Department: Heard this one from Rush yesterday, and I couldn't quit laughing for a while. My oldest daughter, Tish, thought it was pretty unbelievable as well. Seems that the addicts in West Virginia are paying inflated prices for their coke (Link requires registration).

West Virginia residents are paying more for illegal drugs than people in other states, a study says.

Statistics complied by the National Drug Intelligence Center and announced by U.S. Attorney Kasey Warner, said state residents pay more for powder cocaine than any other area of the country, except for parts of Vermont, Virginia, South Carolina, North Dakota and Montana.


[Warner] said one reason West Virginians pay more could be because of the state’s remoteness and low population compared to other eastern states. But he also thinks drug dealers are trying to dupe the state’s residents.
I'm reminded of anecdote I've read about a genius who came to the police station to complain that the heroin he had just purchased was of inferior quality.

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