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Thursday, November 20, 2003  

And Your Point Is? Department: Ripped from the headlines at Fox News, "PETA Delays Ad Poking Fun at Clay Aiken."

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has delayed a new ad campaign with the slogan "Get Neutered, It Didn't Hurt Clay Aiken," while it waits to see if Aiken will apologize for negative comments he made about cats, PETA officials said Tuesday.

"If Clay Aiken intends on staying famous, he has to learn to take a joke," said Dan Mathews, vice president of the Norfolk, Va.-based animal rights group.

The ad features the crass puppet Triumph the Insult Comic dog (search) from "Late Night" with Conan O'Brien urging pet owners to spay or neuter their animals. The barb came from Triumph, but PETA allowed the ad because of an interview Aiken gave to Rolling Stone Magazine in June where he said he didn't like cats.

PETA: so far beyond parody that they can't even see it's backside.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003  

Quite Beyond My Ability To Comprehend Department: The LA County Sherrif's Department has issued an arrest warrant for Michael Jackson in a child molestation case. My question is simple: Given Jackson's history, what parent in their right mind would let their child within 100 yards of that . . . person? (I was going to use a different word, but thought better of it.)

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Mediums And Messages Department: While we were driving to school the other day, Tish and I heard an announcement for some upcoming event featuring someone described as "a dynamic speaker." Tish said that she heard a speaker at a youth conference say that it isn't the speaker that's important, but the message. She said that he made a comparison between a person who is a speaker and the hardware that is a speaker, and said that "You never hear someone say 'I heard the greatest speaker [referring to the hardware kind] this weekend!'" If they are talking about that sort of scenario, they talk about what they heard. (I added "And a speaker doesn't do much without a good amplifier.")

I was at a Promise Keepers event some years ago, and as the first speaker was talking, I was a bit underwhelmed. He was someone I'd never heard of, and it didn't seem to me that he had a very dynamic, compelling presentation for his message, which was primarily a call to repentance (as is usual for the first speaker at PK events). However, when he closed with an "altar call," the response was overwhelming. Hundreds of men began streaming down to the floor of the stadium. A friend who was there with me later observed that he was also not impressed by the speaker, but when he saw the response, it dawned on him that "He wasn't talking to me. The message was effective for the people it was intended for." And that, I think, was a message as well: God was saying "Don't focus so much of your attention on the speaker, on the hardware. Pay attention to the message."

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Monday, November 17, 2003  

Please Stand By Department: Yes, I know my blogroll is boogered up. And I'm not the only one. It appears that Blogrolling is having problems, so we'll just have to wait.

UPDATE: Looks like it's fixed. I think it's time I quit free-riding and pony up for Blogrolling Gold.

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