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Tuesday, September 30, 2003  

Hear Hear Department: John Derbyshire aroused the wrath of Andrew Sullivan by calling AIDS "a fashionable venerial disease. Derb defends himself thus:

Millions of Americans are suffering in agony and destitution right now because they are afflicted with diseases that neither Barbra Streisand, nor Elizabeth Taylor, nor Michael Jackson, ever wore a cute ribbon for, and for which the U.S. Congress never passed a special bill providing free home care, including free meals, at federal taxpayers' expense. Those people, and their distraught relatives, are entitled to feel — and, they tell me, actually do feel — that their faces are being spat on by people like Sullivan, who lobby for ever more public and private money to be spent on research into AIDS, and therefore, since the supply of money is finite, subtracted from research into less fashionable diseases.

I do not begrudge AIDS sufferers my compassion, but I do begrudge them the priority they claim on my compassion — not to mention my money — for what they often suffer as a consequence of their own lust, folly, carelessness, lack of restraint, and lack of self-respect.

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Monday, September 29, 2003  

Not-So-Deep Thoughts Department: Calvin is at it again.

"I say a day without denial is a day you've got to face."

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