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Thursday, April 03, 2003  

Something Rotten In Denmark Department: Some bloggers have been noticing some fishy behavior in the Christian sector of the blogosphere. First, a couple of bloggers have found that their blogs have been mirrored. The Living Room has that story. While on the trail of that mystery, it also appears that someone has appropriated the domain blogpot.com (note the missing "s"), and is redirecting anybody who mistypes a Blogspot url to their site. It looks like you can type virtually any string in front of " .blogpot.com" and you'll get redirected there. It worked for foo.blogpot.com, boogabooga.blogpot.com, and [a bunch of random keystrokes].blogpot.com. This is, in my opinion, extremely lame.

A whois query for blogpot.com and this other site shows they're both registered to the same individual. I'll leave finding that site and the domain owner as an exercise for the class.

Update: A google search for "blogpot" shows that this stunt has been noticed, and not appreciated, by several other bloggers.

posted by Roy M. Jacobsen at 11:03 AM

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties Department: I'm sorry posting has been sparse lately. I had a major deadline looming earlier this week, and now I'm trying to get the sewer un-stopped at home.

Take a moment to thank your sewers, folks. They're overlooked and under-appreciated.

posted by Roy M. Jacobsen at 10:26 AM

Tuesday, April 01, 2003  

Crossing Over Department: The newscast I'm listening to has just said that Saddam Hussein will be addressing the Iraqi people sometime during this hour. No mention of whether John Edward would be participating.

posted by Roy M. Jacobsen at 11:05 AM
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