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Friday, November 15, 2002  

Crunchy Link Wierdness Department: So, I'm checking my referrer log, and click a link that takes me to Enad ("So good, even Janet Reno likes it!"). I don't see Dispatches from Outland listed in Dane's blogroll, but there is an entry for Dispatches from Ireland. Problem is, it doesn't link to any blog called "Dispatches from Ireland", it links to Dispatches from Outland. (And no, I'm not from Ireland. Fargo isn't any where near Dublin, unless you're talking in galactic terms, or something...) Google doesn't find anything called "Dispatches from Ireland" on the web, so did Dane really mean to link to me?

B'rer Fox and B'rer Bear consider more.

Update: As Dane points out in the comments section, he really meant to link to Outland all along, but he's not sure where the Ireland bit came from. You'll get what's coming to you, Dane. BTW, I remember Bubble Bobble...

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Get Your Hankies Ready Department: You may think football is a stupid game. That's OK, different strokes, and all that. But if you haven't heard about Jake Porter's touchdown yet, you need to read this story about "The Play of the Year" by Sports Illustrated writer Rick Riley. (And try to ignore the ad for the swimsuit issue.)

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Thursday, November 14, 2002  

Tempest In A Teapot Department: Russ Mayes asks if blogs4God has lost it's focus. (Blogger permalinks are boogered up, so I can't link directly to Russ's original post; it's dated Thursday, Nov. 14. The blogs4God link is to Bene Diction's response.)

I commented on this at Russ's blog, and here's what I said, with some amplification:

I think it possible that what's happening here is more of a case of "Well, that's not the way I would do it..." This is an all-too-common occurance within and between churches, within and between denominations, and within and between para-church organizations. Someone will begin some activity, and someone else will say "Gee, it's wonderful that you're doing that, but that's not the way I would do it."

This is not to say that there isn't a place for constructive criticism. We all need to be open to suggestions about how we can do things better, or to correction when we clearly step out of line. And we should be willing to offer encouragement and correction to our brothers and sisters. (What a wild idea, eh?)

At the same time, we need to recognize that we are all different parts of the body. We all have different gifts, and different ministries; it's that whole I Corinthians 12 thing. I can't expect everyone to do the same ministry I do, exactly the same way that I do it.

Every blog created by a Christian (indeed, every blog) has a different focus; and it's up to the blogger/bloggers in charge to decide what that focus is. They're free to change the focus if they want to.

So, before one asks "Has lost it's focus?", one must be sure you know what the blogger intended the focus to be in the first place, and whether the blogger decided to change it, and either didn't announce it, or maybe did and you missed it.

Has blogs4God lost it's focus? Bene et al don't seem to think so. But that brings me back to the comment I started with: Maybe they way they're doing it isn't the way you'd do it. Which is the really cool thing about blogs. You get to do one exactly the way you want to--or perhaps I should say, exactly the way God calls you to, exercising your gifts to the edification of the body, the advancement of the Kingdom, and the glory of God.

Update: Jordon Cooper has this to say:

don't know what their official stated goal is but if they said it was to build up other Christian bloggers, I wouldn't disagree with them. There is more to building the web than saying "repent" and "love Jesus" all the time. They may not "talk the talk" all the time but they "walk the walk".

Hear, hear, well spoken Bruce. Uh, I mean Jordon.

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Linkage Department: Reciprocity strikes again! A Myopic Mindfulness is Mark Neumann's blog. Go. Read. Enjoy.

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I Wanna Be A Paperback Writer Department: While getting ready for school the other morning, Tish mentioned that her class is just about finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird. That wasn't exactly what I heard, through. What I heard her say was Tequila Mockingbird. We all got a chuckle out of it, and then, on the way to school, we started pondering what that story would be about.

Tequila Mockingbird, the story of a Rastafarian from Jamaica who's been fingered by the Mob for drug deal gone bad. But this is a case of mistaken identity: Reggie isn't the guy they're looking for. On the run from the law and a one-eyed hit man, he finally finds himself face to face with the real culprit, who happens to be his long-lost twin, in a seedy cantina in Baja California.

OK, it's bad. But it started me thinking about other possible "almost" best sellers: Huck'll Bury Finn was one that came to mind; maybe a story of revenge? Warren Pease could be an autobiographical tale. Any other ideas out there?

p.s. Just for giggles, I did a search at Barnes and Noble using the keyword "tequila." One of the titles that I found was Tequila Mockingbird.

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Monday, November 11, 2002  

Do Unto Others Department: Kati Riehl has kindly added me to her blogroll. Back at you, Kati. She's got a nice little blog with an emphasis on what up in the CCM world.

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