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Thursday, October 10, 2002  

Saying What Needs Saying Department: I don't get loads of traffic here. I consider it a good day when I get 20 visitors to my humble site. So I harbor no illusions that I'm shouting from the mountaintops here; It's more like I'm hollering from the top of the pile of dirt in my back yard. But I do what I can, with what I'm given.

So I'm going to do my bit to spread the message of a blind Cuban dissident. From Jay Nordlinger:

You want heroes? I’ll give you another one: Juan Carlos Gonzalez Leiva, a blind lawyer who has been beaten, tortured, and held prisoner in Castro’s Cuba since March 4. They even took away his Braille Bible, swell guys. Mr. Gonzalez is president of the Cuban Foundation for Human Rights, and also of the Fraternity for the Blind. He is incarcerated in the State Security Operations Unit at Holguin. Recently, a statement of his was smuggled out via his wife, Maritza Calderin Columbie.

I hesitate to stick a toe in embargo politics, but let me share with you the closing paragraphs of his statement:

“When my house was searched on March 8, four days after my detention, all documents of the [human-rights association] were taken, along with the resolutions adopted at the 2nd Congress, where I was democratically elected. Included in these resolutions was the agreement, arrived at by ten organizations representing nine provinces, that the U.S. must not lift the embargo against Cuba. LIFTING THE EMBARGO WOULD MEAN OXYGEN FOR THIS CRIMINAL TYRANNY AND THE CONTINUATION OF THE MISERY OF THE CUBAN PEOPLE. THIS WAS NOT MY OWN PERSONAL PETITION, BUT THE REQUEST OF ALL THOSE PRESENT AT THE CONGRESS. I REALIZE THIS STATEMENT WILL PLACE MY LIFE IN GREAT DANGER BUT I LOVE CUBA AND I WISH TO HELP SAVE HER.

“Thank you so very much. May God bless you all [the statement is addressed to “the international community,” Congress, President Bush, the EU, etc.], my Homeland, America and the World.”

Surely a blind human-rights activist getting the sh** kicked out of him in Castro’s dungeons should be heard just a wee bit, don’t you think?

Oh, yes. I do think he should be heard.

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Wednesday, October 09, 2002  

Quote Of The Day Department: "The great religions teach salvation as an individual matter. There are no group discounts in the Ten Commandments. Christ was not a committee. And Allah does not welcome believers into paradise saying, 'You weren't much good yourself, but you were standing near some good people.'" -- P.J. O'Rourke
Found on RazorMouth.com.

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Surrealistic Product Descriptions Department: What is Dispatches from Outland, exactly? Courtesy of The Prior-Art-O-Matic, Dispatches from Outland is a fusebox that remembers your personal preferences and is water-absorbent.

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Tuesday, October 08, 2002  

Welcome To The Blogroll Department: I'm a link swapper. If someone adds me to their blogroll, I'm very likely to add them to mine. Randy has a very nice blog that includes thoughtful ruminations on spirituality, as well as some meta-blog style links. Take a gander at The Upward Way Press: A weblog by Randy McRoberts.

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